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edison almeida founder & board member, ECURV

Edison Almeida is eCurv’s Founder and Board member. eCurv is a software start-up delivering electric power demand management services to major Fortune 500 companies. As CEO, Edison was responsible for the enterprise’s strategy development, business planning, fundraising, recruiting, management of executive team, product management, cyber-security architecture, creation of product-market fit, first commercialization, company’s daily operations, budgeting, technological innovation, and entrepreneurial action. Edison has over 20 years of experience as senior executive, serial entrepreneur, sales executive, consultant, and engineer. His background spans across energy, cyber-security, Internet infrastructure, and telecommunications. Mr. Almeida started his career at Motorola, designing cellular networks for the major wireless operators in Sao Paulo, Brazil. While at inCode, a leading telecommunications engineering and strategy consulting firm, Edison led engineering teams in the delivery of digital cellular infrastructure projects to the major mobile operators in the US. After inCode, Edison was a top performer Sales Director at VeriSign, where he delivered strategy consulting, digital services, and cutting-edge cyber-security solutions to Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, including state of the art iDefense cyber-intelligence services, managed security services, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, digital content delivery, and online brand management. Edison graduated cum laude from Babson College with an MBA in entrepreneurship. He received his undergraduate Bachelor of Science inElectrical Engineering degree from Sao Paulo UniversitY Polytechnic School - POLI-USP. Follow Edison on Twitter @almeidaed and LinkedIn at