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CRAIG BIDA Think Design Disrupt, Founder & CEO & VeraCloud Technologies, Chief marketing officer

Craig Bida, Founder and CEO, Think Design Disrupt; CMO, VeraCloud Technologies.

Craig leads THINK DESIGN DISRUPT, an Impact-Focused, Brand-Building Consultancy that designs, reimagines, and activates brands to create world-changing social and environmental impact. He has served as a strategic advisor to clients including Disney, Hilton, FedEx, Kenneth Cole, Luxottica, Sierra Club, American Cancer Society, and the National Park Service. As CMO of VeraCloud Technologies, Craig helps unlock opportunity for minority, women, and other diverse businesses by increasing diversity and inclusion in corporate supply chains and public sector contracting. Previously, Craig was the Executive Vice President of CSR/Social Impact at Cone Communications, a leading Corporate Social Responsibility and Marketing agency, and a marketing executive at Procter & Gamble, where he developed purpose-driven marketing strategies across a portfolio of leading global brands. Craig has his BA and MBA from Yale University, and is an Executive in Residence, Senior Fellow in Social Innovation, and Adjunct Lecturer at Babson College.