carolina saux

Carolina’s passion for sustainability started while taking an elective on carbon markets during her Bachelor Degree in Business in Brisbane, Australia. After working for two years as a Project Manager for an Oil & Gas Engineering company, she went back to School for a Masters in Environmental Management. Upon graduation, she joined EarthCheck, an Environmental Consulting Firm in Australia.

During this time, she participated in her University’s Research Program where she wrote a paper on the Paradigm of a Circular Economy; focusing on e-waste. She also joined The Oaktree Foundation, where she led different projects such as the Make Poverty History Roadtrip and the Live Below the Line Campaign.

In 2016, she returned home (Peru) where she joined a for-profit social enterprise before moving to Boston in 2018 to start her MBA at Babson College. 

She strongly believes businesses can be a force for good, and that companies can do well while doing good - these are not exclusive!